College Admissions Requirements

This section covers only the 4-year college admissions requirements.  For other higher education institutions, please refer to the Classroom Counseling Lessons.  
Most undergraduate (4-year) colleges have similar requirements.  Fremont counselors focus on the public UC/CSU admission requirements, often known as one of the most comprehensive requirements nationwide.  If you are interested in 4-year private colleges, be sure to check their individual websites for any additional requirements.
About SAT/ACT:  Seniors (Class of '21): SAT/ACT test scores submission are now optional for UC and CSU.  You will not be penalized if you don't submit a score.  If you are considering private universities, check the colleges' websites for updates.  Counselors still encourage you to take the tests.  Scholarships and some private universities may still require test scores.
About GPA: Applying to CSU? The Multifactor criteria are new this year.  If your A-G GPA is lower than 2.50, you must complete the multifactor criteria requirements.
About EI: Some CSU will still use the Eligibility Index (EI).  However, the EI formula will look different at each campus.  Check the campus website for more information.  UC will use the holistic approach as outlined in the Selection Critieria this year.
Example of CSU Eligibility Index (CSULB):