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Principals Message

8th Grade Promotion Message Class of 2020


This is my 2nd year serving as the Principal of Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design.  Today marks the fourth 8th grade promotion class at Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design since we became a 7-12 academy.  The 8th grade class of 2020 and future High School Graduating class of 2024 have concluded this academic year.  The numerical term 2020 is often used to describe clarity and perfect vision seeing forward.  Yet the world, along with the 8th grade class of 2020 find themselves facing nearly everything but clarity at this moment in time.  Although this world pandemic is causing a momentary obstacle, maintain your clarity, and vision for yourself at a crystal clear 2020. The future is not something that just happens.  The future is a manifestation of your preparations, work ethic, dreams, desire and belief that you shape and will into your future vision for self.  I want to congratulate each and every student from this 8th grade promotion class and encourage you to continue with vigor, to seek out and shape your desired path in your chosen high school.    

I encourage you to seek and complete you’re A-G requirements, so you have an abundance of educational opportunities upon your high school graduation.  I encourage you to maintain a balance between academic and social life in high school.  The students who have the best high school experience are able to keep both strong and healthy.  For the most important decisions in high school, trust your intuition, and make decisions you know are right and healthy.     

It is those wishes I leave you with today, along with my heartiest congratulations on this day that means so much to you and your families. Congratulations to the eighth grade promotion class of 2020 at Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design!