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---Extracurricular Activities Worksheet

Applying to UC (and competitive private colleges) requires more than just a high GPA.  Colleges want to know YOU. Who are you beyond academic grades, GPA, and test scores? Click on the worksheet to view other criteria:
Note: Your activities should link to your passions, interests, and needs.
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UC does consider non-"A-G" courses, especially when they are courses that meet your personal interests.
Non-A-G courses that you can claim include:
          • At Fremont:
- Yearbook
- Link Crew
-Auto 1 - 4
-Urban Agriculture
          • Any courses off-campus including non-academic courses
Academic preparation programs help prepare you for college.  Colleges consider that you are more prepared for college if you participate in these programs. 
Programs available at Fremont include:
            • AVID
            • BRIGHT PROSPECT
            • PAYS (OFF CAMPUS)
            • UPWARD BOUND
Volunteer service is strongly recommended by UC and competitive private colleges. Think QUALITY over quantity! In other words, spend more time at a location rather than a few hours at many locations.
Here are a few suggestions for volunteer locations:
Work experience speaks volumes about your skills in time management, communication, responsibilities, and teamwork.
Note: If you are struggling in school, consult with your counselor prior to working.
How to apply for a Work Permit:
If you are under 18 years of age, your employer will ask for a work permit. 
1. Print the "Work Permit Application" below or obtain one in the Career Center (room P-5).
2. Complete the form:   Leave the "For authorized work permit issuer use ONLY" box blank.
3. Return the form to the Career Counselor for processing. It will take 1 - 2 days for processing.
NOTE: You can enroll in Work Experience Class while working.  This can also count as your "non-A-G course".
Day/Time: Fridays @ 7:00 a.m.
Location: Room A-9
Instructor: Mrs. Celia Castro
How to Enroll:  You must have a job. See your counselor to enroll.
Anything you do consistently academic or non-academic! For example: babysitting, lawn mowing, playing chess, taking martial arts classes, joining Engineering Club, etc.   However, you have limited space on your application. Usually, applications will ask you to list your most important ones, those that mean the most to you.
Focus on the following:
            • Leadership skills
            • Clubs/organizations you enjoy
            • Talents
            • Athletic abilities
            • Activities that strengthen family dynamics/relationships
            • Unusual abilities
            • Anything that helps differentiate you from other applicants
To learn more about school clubs, see our school Activities Advisor, Ms. Alexandra Arnhold, in room C-8.